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A proposed design for the Michigan Mineral Museum

We have finally begun our mission to build a small, yet impactful and educational mineral museum right here in Southwest Michigan. The location will be right across the street from Michigan's Largest Rock Shop - Rockhound Rock Shop in downtown Galesburg, Michigan. This location offers easy access to I-94 and a great proximity to a very large rock shop, offering enough to do for a whole day visit.

Over the years we have procured some fascinating specimens for display within the museum, many no one has ever laid eyes on, directly from the mines. We have also had some donations of specimens from private collections meant for exactly this adventure we have now embarked on. The museum will

feature a large selection of Michigan minerals, a great Fordite exhibit, as well as a large fluorescent exhibit, lapidary workshop for classes, meteorites, fossils and more. "This museum won't just be about minerals and fossils on display, we will be incorporating many different educational opportunities into our day-to-day operations that will focus on gemology, geology and lapidary arts. This will be a hands-on museum with education at its core and we hope this will inspire future generations to go into these different careers", says Wrifton Graham, President of the Michigan Mineral Museum.

With the help of our rock family throughout Michigan and beyond, we are excited to get the fundraising underway and start the adventure together. We have the land, the builder, now we just need the funds for the building. Please take a moment to read through our giving options listed below and help us support a great educational tool, accessible by all, right here in Southwest Michigan. Donate in the name of a pet, in memory of a loved one or as a gift for someone still with us, in a company or organizations name or you can even give anonymously. 

If you wish to make a donation in the name of a friend, family member, loved one, pet, business or as a gift, please make sure to note it on your donation in the memo or by contacting our store after the donation has been made to let us know.

The Michigan Mineral Museum is a 501c3 Non-profit Charitable Organization and all donations made are tax deductible.

As visitors enter the museum, they will first come to the International Welcome Center. Here we will process admission and memberships. Restrooms, benches, TV screens, vending machines, lockers and a few items on display will also be located in the welcome area.

As guests begin their journey, they will enter a one-way path that will take them around the world before they end up back at the International Welcome Center. As guests travel around the world, each exhibit will change from region to region. The first part of the world tour will be North America, in specific, many items from Michigan. Each exhibit you travel to will be heavily themed, including lighting, sounds of the specific geographical locations, temperature changes and even smells. Every exhibit is meant to help you feel like you are seeing the mineral or crystal right where it was formed. You might even find yourself in the middle of a volcano!









This journey around our planet will teach you how these minerals formed, why they formed the way they did and even the stories about how they were mined and used throughout history.

Once you make it back to the International Welcome Center, you may want to stop and catch a short video in our media room, where you can learn about Michigan Copper Country, The Michigan Mammoth or even a quick trip to the moon to see Things That Fall from the Sky. Oh, and don't forget to stop in the gift shop to purchase one of many cool specimens, books and more.

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Proposed design for the Michigan Mineral Museum Exhibits

Proposed design for the Michigan Mineral Museum Exhibits

The MMM in the media.

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